The $MAYA airdrop for $RUNE holders

A summarized explanation.

Key Takeaways

  • 1st Snapshot for $RUNE holders starts on the 6th of March.
  • Most $RUNE holders with self-custody of their tokens would be eligible to get some $MAYA tokens.
  • A minor claim procedure will be required to claim your tokens sending 1 $RUNE to relate your Maya Wallet to your THORChain Wallet (withdrawable later).

We have prepared this summarized explanation to clear up any confusion about our $MAYA tokens "fairdrop", which is quite different from the $CACAO dispersion. 

If you already know the context behind our tokens, you can jump to the "Fairdrop Details" part. If not, let's quickly remember the basics:

  • Maya has been carefully planned to prevent incentives misalignments between the founding team and its users, resulting in the creation of two tokens: $MAYA and $CACAO.
  • $CACAO powers the Maya Protocol ecosystem since all our liquidity pools will be denominated in it. Excluding a 10% allocation for the Impermanent Loss Protection Fund, all $CACAO will be distributed among the participants of our Liquidity Auction, based on a Tiered system.
  • $MAYA coins are only used to participate in the protocol's total revenues. In addition to eligible $RUNE holders, other Maya stakeholders will receive some of them. 
  • To enrich our ecosystem with Smart Contract capabilities, we have created the Aztec Side-Chain, with its revenue accruing token $AZTEC. This takes us to the… 

Fairdrop Details

Out of the 1M $MAYA and $AZTEC tokens that will be minted, 70,000 coins of each will be airdropped to eligible $RUNE holders who satisfy one or more of the following conditions: 

A. Having $RUNE bonded in a Node,

B. Having $RUNE locked in a symmetrical LP position,

C. Having a $RUNE asymmetrical LP position,

D. Holding $RUNE in a wallet and/or,

E. Holding $RUNE in Maya pools during the auction.

Note that asymmetric positions denominated in non-$RUNE don't receive any tokens since we can't relate their Maya wallets to any Thor wallet! $RUNE in centralized exchanges will not make you eligible either.

Because people holding $RUNE under Cases A and B get a 4x boost. Cases C and D get a 2x boost. Case E get a 1x boost.

Consider also that not only 1 snapshot will be taken. Instead, to make sure that only new capital is attracted during our launch (i.e., there is no capital leaving THORChain), we designed the following ruleset:

  1. Daily snapshots of $RUNE distribution on THORChain will be taken at random times for 42 days, starting right before the Liquidity Auction and running through 21 days after the end of it. 
  2. $MAYA tokens will be distributed considering the smallest $RUNE position that the $RUNE owners held in any of these 42 snapshots. 

Consequently, anyone looking for a more significant share of $MAYA tokens is encouraged to hold their $RUNE position —or increase it. Those who want a more significant percentage of $CACAO are encouraged to participate in the Liquidity Auction with more capital brought from a different place.

How will the $MAYA allocation work? 

1. Once the snapshots are taken we can identify the $RUNE holders depending on where they have positioned their $RUNE, as mentioned above. 

2. From that we establish the amount for each one. This means that from the snapshots you already have that reward assured. 

3. The last and most important step, in order to claim the $MAYA tokens you must send at least 1 $RUNE to the Maya pool. 

You are probably wondering "what is the point of snapshots then if I have to send $RUNE anyway", if we send $MAYA to everyone who appears in the snapshots we run the risk of it being stranded, if we ask them to claim it we make sure that $MAYA really stays alive and useful. 

We know many people have been expecting our Fairdrop and Liquidity Auction events for some time now, we see you the 7th of March for the awaited launch! 

We are working hard to make everything perfect, and we're sure the result will be worth it. Don't hesitate to contact us via our Discord Server if you still need more details. We would be happy to talk to you. See you there!