Multi-chain is now.

As the number of crypto users grows exponentially, centralized exchanges constrain our true potential. Maya empowers you to break free from CEX limitations, granting you the autonomy of true asset custody and the liberty to trade permissionless.

Our Tokens

Our Technology

Maya Protocol is a Cosmos SDK-based decentralized liquidity protocol that enables native swaps across blockchains.
Maya is a friendly fork of THORChain. We maintain backward compatibility and complement it with new unique features, innovation, and reliability.

Earn real yield on your crypto


Have complete control over your assets and funds. Unlike centralized intermediaries, Maya Protocol does not hold or manage user assets.

Cross-chain Swaps:

Transfer assets between different blockchains (ETH, RUNE, BTC) seamlessly.

Impermanent Loss Protection:

As an LP, you will either make a profit or at least recoup your investment within a set time period of 50 days.

Liquidity Nodes:

 Nodes that provide a bond (in $CACAO and LP units) are paid to secure the MAYAChain system.

1st Milestone: Fair Launch

Maya Protocol’s community entrusted the project with more than USD $11.4M, broken down as follows:

  • 119.27 BTC
  • 975.6 ETH
  • 3,748,019 RUNE
  • 806,368 USDT
  • 131,735 USDC

These assets now reside in the Maya Liquidity Pools and will, together with $CACAO, constitute an effective TVL for the protocol of more than USD $22.8M.