Expanding Horizons: Swapper Announces Integration with Maya Protocol

A new integration with Maya Protocol

• Swapper, a platform known that enables exchange of native assets across multiple blockchains, has officially announced its integration with Maya Protocol.
• Maya Protocol boosts Swapper cross-chain transaction capabilities, making it more versatile and enhancing their user experience.
• The integration introduces CACAO token for direct trading within Swapper and hints at future features like yield generation.

Swapper, a platform that enables direct investment and decentralized exchange of native assets across multiple blockchains, has announced its integration with Maya Protocol. This partnership is an important stride forward in the DeFi space, making seamless cross-chain transactions even more accessible to the general public.

What makes Swapper unique?

Swapper simplifies the path from fiat to DeFi and breaks down traditional barriers that exist on other decentralized exchanges, facilitating seamless cross-chain transactions. By integrating numerous reliable and decentralized tools and services into a unified interface, Swapper manages to focus on its core strength - usability and functionality. Rather than reinventing the wheel, Swapper ensures a high-quality user experience.

Why integrate Maya?

The future is multi-chain, and yet currently, very few protocols help facilitate interconnection between chains. Maya Protocol clearly addresses this challenge effectively!

By integrating with Maya, Swapper will be able to access Maya's liquidity pools, enabling users to swap native more tokens, more efficiently. Maya's strategic decision to support chains like Dash or Cardano - inaccessible with current technologies – weighted heavily in the decision too, as this ensures a better user experience for new people and communities.

How can new users interact with Swapper?

Getting started with Swapper is easy. Anyone can access the platform via the web application at https://app.swapper.market. Then, users can access Swapper either through a Keystore wallet or by logging in with a Google account. Either by creating a new wallet or importing an existing one, users always remain in control over their private keys!

What will be the advantages for Swapper users of this integration?

Several perks for Swapper users are offered by the integration with Maya. The broadening of their asset management options, especially with respect to CACAO, is a significant start. The ability to invest in, receive, buy, and sell CACAO directly within Swapper will be enabled for users.

Support for the $MAYA token is being worked on too, with the intention to extend support to any new chains that are chosen for integration by Maya. More opportunities for users to diversify their investments will be provided by this. For instance, Dash is the next chain that has been added to our roadmap! 

Finally, the integration of Maya's Savers is being planned as soon as they become available. That means that earning yield on native assets will be enabled on Swapper too!