Maya Protocol Meets Leap Wallet: A New Interchain Synergy

A new decentralized wallet for your $CACAO and $MAYA needs!

  • Maya Protocol's native tokens, $MAYA and $CACAO, will be integrated into Leap Wallet.
  • Leap Wallet is an advanced Super Wallet designed for the Cosmos interchain ecosystem.
  • Users can send, receive, and hold Maya’s native tokens.

Cosmos alliance

We are thrilled to share Maya Protocol has joined forces with Leap Wallet, a Super Wallet designed for the interchain, which means is designed to work seamlessly across multiple blockchains. This collaboration opens up a new possibilitesfor users, bringing Maya Protocol's native tokens, $MAYA, and $CACAO, directly into the intuitive and feature-rich Leap Wallet ecosystem.

Leapwallet’s uniqueness

Leap Wallet is an advanced Super Wallet for the interchain, focusing on the Cosmos ecosystem and supporting over 50 Cosmos SDK chains. It stands out for its versatility, available as a mobile app on iOS and Android, a browser extension on Chrome, Edge, or Brave, and a web-based Leapboard. This multi-platform accessibility ensures users can manage their crypto assets anytime, anywhere. The wallet's emphasis on security, non-custodial functionality, and integration with hardware wallets ensures users have complete control over their keys and assets.

About Maya & CACAO tokens

Maya Protocol operates with two integral native tokens: $CACAO and $Maya, each playing distinct roles within the ecosystem.
$CACAO, the flagship token, boasts a total circulation of 100 million units. Serving as the backbone of the Maya Protocol ecosystem (MAYAChain & AZTECChain), $CACAO fulfills essential functions:

  • Liquidity: Acts as a settlement asset.
  • Security: Functions as a sybil-resistant mechanism and a driver of economic behavior.
  • Incentives: Facilitates rewards distribution, fee charging, and gas subsidization.

On the other hand, $Maya captures 10% of the total protocol revenue. Holders of $MAYA tokens receive a daily distribution of $CACAO to their wallets. This distribution is triggered by the protocol's earnings, with $MAYA holders, including founders and developers, earning $1 for every $9 earned by LPs/nodes. This incentivizes long-term growth and value accrual.

For a more in-depth understanding of Maya's native tokens, refer to the official documentation: Maya Native Tokens

What are the benefits of this integration?are the benefits of this integration?

This partnership opens a new alternative for Maya Protocol users to seamlessly  $MAYA and $CACAO tokens through another decentralized wallet. All users need to do is:

  1. Enter the Address & Amount
  2. No need for you to specify the chain; Leap Wallet ensures that the recipient address corresponds to the correct blockchain within the interconnected network.
  3. Leap Wallet proceeds to set up the transfer through the right channel ID.

In essence, this streamlines your transactions by eliminating one step.

An entirely decentralized experience

The integration of Maya Protocol with Leap Wallet represents a significant leap forward in the user experience within the Cosmos interchain ecosystem. Users can now have a new option to gain exposure to $MAYA and $CACAO. As Maya Protocol and Leap Wallet join forces, users can expect a harmonious and enhanced crypto experience, control, accessibility, and convenience in managing their blockchain assets.