Maya Protocol joins forces with Pulsar Finance

Maya Protocol is proud to welcome Pulsar Finance, a cross-chain portfolio manager that simplifies the complexities of tracking your Web3 assets.

Key Takeaways

  • The integration of Maya Protocol with Pulsar Finance was driven by user demand, particularly from the Cosmos and ThorChain communities.
  • Pulsar Finance's cross-chain portfolio management simplifies tracking and monitoring crypto holdings across multiple blockchains and platforms.
  • Pulsar’s Portfolio manager covers a wide range of crypto assets, including tokens, DeFi positions, NFTs, and more.

What is Pulsar Finance?

Pulsar Finance is your all-in-one solution for monitoring and managing crypto holdings across multiple blockchains and platforms. Designed with the crypto enthusiast in mind, it empowers you to take control of your data and assets in a decentralized internet ecosystem.

Key Features and Benefits:

Currently, Pulsar Finance is the most complete cross-chain portfolio manager that allows its users to track all their crypto assets in one place and in real-time.

That said, once users access Pulsar, they are able to track their:

  • Token prices and performance over time
  • DeFi positions such as staking, pools, farms, and debt across multiple blockchains and respective protocols...
  • NFTs

This gives users a comprehensive overview of their investments and performance over time.

What differentiates Pulsar from other portfolio dashboards?

Several features make Pulsar unique and separate them from other well-known dashboards. Once on their dashboard, users can:

  • Track all their crypto assets in one single place.
  • Track both DeFi and CeFi assets.
  • Offer in-depth and real-time information.
  • Study the performance of whales' portfolios or any other and their strategy of investments.
  • Use a bundle wallet view and the creation of multiple portfolios.
  • Blacklist and hide positions.
  • Respect and guarantee users' privacy.
  • Make proposals and reach the team directly on our Support channel.

Why this partnership?

There are 3 main reasons behind it:

  1. Maya was among the chains with more requests on Pulsar’s Proposal Page.
  2. There was a high demand from Cosmos and THORChain users, who now are also Maya users, for this integration.
  3. As both projects have strong potential for growth, we aim to make meaningful contributions to the ecosystem.

Join us as we embark on this groundbreaking partnership, opening up new possibilities for cross-chain finance. Connect your Maya wallet and start using it here. Be part of the Maya Protocol community through our Discord or follow us on Twitter to keep up with every update!