Maya Protocol Expands with Arbitrum Integration

Discover the latest milestone: Maya Protocol integrates with Arbitrum, Ethereum's top layer-two scaling solution.

Key takeaways:

  •  Maya Protocol integrates with Arbitrum, Ethereum's leading layer-two scaling solution.
  • DeFi User Benefits: DeFi users can now enjoy seamless asset swapping, yield opportunities through liquidity provision.
  • Asset Expansion: Tokens like ARB.ETH, ARB.USDT, ARB.USDC. ARB.TGT, ARB.GDL, ARB.wstETH, and more can now access Maya Protocol, which offers expanded utility.

We're excited to announce that Maya Protocol integrates with Arbitrum, Ethereum's leading layer-two scaling solution.

One year after Maya’s launch, our team continues advancing our roadmap with the launch of version 109; our team has added new and exciting features, including Savers vaults and the integration of Arbitrum.

Discover Arbitrum's Fundamentals

Arbitrum has undoubtedly played a significant role in the bull run that the crypto industry has been experiencing in 2024.

Total Value Locked (TVL) represents a network's capital deposited and utilized. When this article was written, Arbitrum boasted a total TVL of 16.29, according to l2beat, positioning it as the leading L2 scaling solution in terms of TVL compared to its counterparts.


Arbitrum is also renowned for its exceptional speed, capable of reaching 40,000 transactions per second (TPS).

Usability. It serves as the habitat for over 100 DeFi projects, aiding them in cost reduction and resolving numerous scalability issues.

Explore the benefits of the Arbitrum integration.

The integration is a game-changer for Decentralized Finance users! 

With the ARB pool now live, you can seamlessly swap Arb for BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, KUJI, DASH, and RUNE. You can earn yield by becoming a liquidity provider or using the Maya Savers vaults. 

New pools of assets operating on Arbitrum 

The integration also brings new possibilities for tokens built or operated through Arbitrum.

For example, tokens such as ARB.ETH, ARB.USDT, ARB.USDC. ARB.TGT, ARB.GDL, ARB.wstETH can now operate through Maya Protocol. 

Get started

Maya Protocol is a backend infrastructure. Therefore, you will need a user interface to interact with and use Maya Protocol.

Here’s a list of UIs supporting Maya:

Thorwallet DEX 

 El Dorado 

Cacao Swap



*Please note that Maya updates are released according to UI's schedule. To stay informed, follow their social media channels.

What's coming next?

The upcoming version of Maya promises even more exciting developments for Arbitrum and Maya users. Here's a sneak peek:

Streaming swaps

This feature will divide lengthy transactions into smaller segments, allowing users to obtain better rates by breaking down large transactions into smaller "sub-swaps" over time.

THORChain DEX aggregation

THORChain Dex aggregation allows users to swap from Maya Protocol-supported assets to THORChain-supported assets in one transaction and vice versa. So, users can swap from DASH to DOGE, AVAX to KUJI, etc.

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