Real DeFi. Introducing Maya Protocol integration with THORWallet DEX.

Maya Protocol integration with THORWallet DEX: decentralizing liquidity sources. 

January 2023 marks the fourteenth anniversary of the Bitcoin network and the creation of a revolution that has changed how people around the world think about money and ownership through decentralization.

Sadly, today is no time to rejoice. As we write this, the consequences of FTX’s meltdown continue to ripple in our industry and it seems like thousands of users have definitely lost their assets to the reckless management of a wicked custodian.

And yet, as of today, it is still estimated that around 95% of all trades in crypto happen within custodial markets. In this unfortunate context, Maya Protocol’s launch timing could not be better. This is a crucial time to offer users permissionless, non-custodial, cross-chain alternatives to traditional exchanges.

Maya Protocol integration with THORWallet DEX: decentralizing liquidity sources. 

Today we are thrilled to announce that THORWallet DEX will be our first integration and launch trusted partner. Because having backups and fallbacks is always better to improve resiliency and because liquidity begets liquidity, we believe that it is very much in the interest of everyone that new and composable pool options become available in all trading platforms.

THORWallet DEX is a non-custodial wallet service that provides an intuitive way for everyone to swap cryptocurrencies natively, using THORChain’s liquidity. They have more than USD 100 million in traded volume and +35,000 App downloads. THORWallet DEX allows its users to add their crypto into the protocol’s liquidity pools, letting their assets earn yield from trading volume.

Our valuable collaboration will enable thousands of users to trade using Maya’s pools as a new liquidity source, adding to their existing options without any extra steps or technical configurations. Having additional trade routes results in better pricing for all swaps.

“We believe that Cross-Chain Decentralized Liquidity Protocols will serve as the backend to most of the volume moving across wallets, central exchanges, protocols and crypto businesses.” - Aaluxx, founder of Maya Protocol

THORWallet users will be able to provide liquidity to Maya pools right from the beginning, to further increase their current earning yields. We are ultimately joining efforts to bring hoards of new users into the space via real, non-custodial DeFi! The integration of both our technologies will be available during the next weeks.

How to use Maya Protocol with THORWallet DEX?

There are no extra steps or hidden settings to use Maya Protocol within THORWallet. Our integration is seamless and may even go unnoticed to many users, which is exactly our goal!

If you haven't done so already, download the THORWallet app, available for both Android and iOS and explore its features. You can start by following the steps in the THORWallet Getting Started guide.

Towards a decentralized future

We must continue improving decentralized trading until we can offer everyone an experience as smooth as current CEXes can, from the UI to the UX and the final costs. To this end, at Maya, we will continue working hard to form new collaborations with other great teams that share our values and vision.

Should you have any questions or comments, please reach out via our official Discord server, we really love feedback. If you want to read more about Maya Protocol, make sure to check out our official website and Whitepaper. Read you soon!