LeoDex joins the tribe: multichain UI powered by Maya

LeoDex, a multi-chain swapping interface powered by Maya Protocol and developed by the INLEO team, is set to join the Maya ecosystem.

Key Takeaways:

  • LeoDex stands out for its integration with the Hive blockchain, allowing users to link their Hive Blockchain Wallet and exchange HIVE/HBD/HIVE L2 assets on Maya Protocol.
  • By streamlining swapping to and from HIVE and HIVE assets and leveraging Maya Pools for asset rails, LeoDex aims to enhance ease of use for its users.
  • 100% of LeoDex’s affiliate fee revenue is converted to 50% CACAO and 50% LEO. It is then permanently pooled to incentivize a flywheel that boosts volume and enhances the value proposition for stakeholders within the Maya ecosystem.

Maya is expanding, and the infrastructure hasn’t gone unnoticed. We have now united forces with LeoDex, a clean and intuitive multi-chain swapping interface powered by Maya Protocol and built by the INLEO team. Keep reading to find out the real treats for its users.

What is LeoDex and What Sets It Apart?

The INLEO team boasts a portfolio of over a dozen applications in the crypto industry. Their primary focus is crafting intuitive, user-friendly apps prioritizing the overall user experience.

One of the standout features of LeoDex is its integration with the Hive blockchain, a significant addition to the Maya Ecosystem. They've seamlessly incorporated the functionality for users to link their Hive Blockchain Wallet and facilitate the exchange of HIVE/HBD/HIVE L2 assets on Maya Protocol, utilizing LEO as the aggregation token. (LEO is a crucial liquidity asset within the Hive blockchain.)

LeoDex's interface streamlines swapping to and from HIVE and HIVE assets, employing LEO as the aggregator and leveraging Maya Pools for the L1 asset rails.

Why is LeoDex Integrating Maya?

LeoDex is being built from scratch, specifically as a Maya Protocol interface.

How Will it Be Integrated?

At launch, LeoDex will allow L1 swaps of all Maya-supported assets, the ability to send Maya-supported assets as well as the aggregation of Hive blockchain-based assets through our unique LEO aggregator. Pooling functionality and savers will be added post-launch.

What Are the General Benefits for Users?

The primary objective is user-friendliness. LeoDex, empowered by Maya Protocol, strives to become the most user-friendly and intuitive interface for cross-chain swaps.

In tandem with the launch of LeoDex, the LEO token will be listed on Maya Protocol. The generated revenue from Affiliate Fees and Hive-based fees (Bridging Fees) will be utilized to purchase LEO, subsequently pooling it with CACAO in the LEO (Arbitrum)—CACAO Liquidity Pool on Maya Protocol as Permanent Liquidity.

This strategy ensures that revenue accrued by LeoDex will organically increase buying pressure on both LEO and CACAO. Furthermore, it will permanently pool these assets to enhance liquidity in the LEO-CACAO pool, a crucial aspect for our users, particularly those seeking to utilize the LEO aggregator for swapping HIVE/HBD/Hive L2 assets. Each swap will be routed through the LEO-CACAO pool on Maya Protocol.

Moreover, they are implementing a Volume-Based Airdrop for the initial 60 days following LeoDex's launch. Full details of the vol-drop will be released simultaneously with LeoDex's debut and the introduction of the LEO (Arbitrum) Pool on Maya Protocol.



The UI will include Maya Protocol L1 swap features, the ability to send assets as well as the LEO Aggregator for all Hive Blockchain assets. 


A 3-phase plan to add a plethora of features to LeoDex, including other chain aggregation with affiliate fees that buy LEO & CACAO and pool them as permanent liquidity. 

In a nutshell

Launch: Debut with swapping and LEO aggregator for Hive assets.

Phase 1: Incorporate Pools and Savers.

Phase 2: Integrate THORChain.

Phase 3: Integrate ChainFlip.

What is INLEO?

INLEO is a pioneering Web3 social ecosystem uniquely poised to catalyze a thriving creator economy built upon digital ownership, tokenization, and community collaboration principles. At its core lies the visionary mission to empower creators and users by providing tools and platforms that unlock the full potential of blockchain technology. 

Through a rewards pool model, $LEO incentivizes content creators and users to actively participate in the tokenization of digital assets on the blockchain. This innovative approach fosters a sense of ownership and empowerment and opens up new avenues for value creation and community engagement.

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