Introducing the "Mids” collection: The NFT fusion between Kuji and Maya

New NFT collection to explore the best of Maya and Kujira by the minds behind Shrimp Club

Key Takeaways:

  1. The collection empowers users with knowledge about the Maya ecosystem, fostering educational growth through interactive experiences.
  2. Owners of the Mids NFTs will enjoy earning $CACAO rewards through educational tasks and games. Additionally, NFTs with special traits will offer access to the "Lucky Traits System."
  3. The collection is created by a collective deeply embedded in the Kujira community.

Maya is proud to present the Mids collection, an exclusive series of 1000 NFTs that represent a harmonious blend of Maya innovation and Kujira community spirit. This collection is a significant addition to our ecosystem, offering rewards and educational opportunities.

What is this NFT collection about? 

Embracing the legacy of the ancient Mayans and the pioneering spirit of the Kujira community, each NFT in the Mids collection is a beacon of knowledge and community perks.

The Mids collection is designed to educate and engage, helping users navigate blockchain technology, create wallets, and delve into the realm of $CACAO.

Minting Details:

Set your sights on the horizon for Friday, January 19th, at 4 pm UTC through Stargaze!

Exclusive Holder Advantages

Ownership in the Mids collection is your passport to an array of privileges and learning experiences:

  • $CACAO Rewards: Each NFT is a vessel for earning $CACAO through the completion of educational initiatives and interactive games.
  • Lucky Traits System: Special traits in select NFTs will unlock additional rewards, adding an element of surprise and extra value.

Who is behind Mids? 

The Mids collection springs from a collective of passionate creators within the Kujira community. Their history of impactful projects like Shrimp Club and Manta Squad informs their dedication to educational and engaging experiences.

This collective thrives on the participation of an active community and collaborations within the Kujira ecosystem. The expertise of Kujira enthusiasts and partnership with Narwhal Security on the Stargaze platform bolsters them.