Maya Community Growth Program

Learn how to earn $MAYA and $AZTEC tokens by helping us grow our community!

Ready for the next wave of Defi adoption?

We are getting closer to the launch of Maya so it's time to spread the word and get everyone on board! Today we are excited to announce the Maya Community Growth Program, where you can earn $MAYA and $AZTEC tokens by helping us grow our community.

If you want to participate, all you need to do is follow our social media channels, invite your friends and spread the word about Maya. The more people we have in our community, the faster we can bring real DeFi swaps to the world!

The are three ways to earn rewards.

Because we are focused on growing our Discord and Twitter channels, we have designed the following program:

Discord Referrals.

Receive .1 $MAYA and .1 $AZTEC for every new member you invite to our Discord server. The top three users with the most referrals will receive a Maya Mask at the end of the program!

Discord Activity.

The top 100 active members in our Discord server will receive 1 $MAYA and 1 $AZTEC each. In addition, everyone reaching level 10 will get another 1 $MAYA and 1 $AZTEC tokens. Top 3 members will receive a Maya Mask too!

Twitter Content. 

Tweet about us and earn 0.2 $MAYA and 0.2 $AZTEC per post!

We want to promote creative content creation and we’re open to rewarding threads, memes, wikis, press releases or anything cool you can come up with! Make sure to tag us or use our hashtags and submit your posts to our #🐦twitter-submission channel on Discord. We will be reviewing the quality of these tweets of course and we will not reward any spam!

Boosted Rewards

For our most loyal members, if you already own one or more Maya Mask, all described rewards will be boosted as follows:

1 - 4 Masks => 10% reward boost.

5 - 9 Masks => 15%

reward boost.

10+ Masks => 30%

reward boost.

If you haven’t had the chance to acquire one, you can still do so in the secondary market, with this OpenSea link.


The Maya Community Growth Program rewards are limited to 10 Maya Masks, 1,500 $MAYA and 1,500 $AZTEC tokens. Help us get more people behind our mission before these rewards end!

As Maya grows, we are looking for more supporters to enhance our great community. Make sure to turn on your Twitter notifications as we will soon start an exciting token giveaway too!

Maya Protocol is finally coming and we’re thrilled to see you participate in our various community-building activities, so let’s do this.