Cacaoswap: The new UI facilitating Maya’s native swaps!

CacaoSwap is dedicated to streamlining the process of native swaps powered by Maya, learn all the details here!

    Key Takeaways

    1. CacaoSwap offers an intuitive cross-chain swapping experience that bypasses the need for centralized exchanges.
    2. With features designed to simplify swapping, track history, and spotlight arbitrage opportunities, CacaoSwap enhances user engagement in the DeFi space.
    3. The Calculated team, known for their expertise in the Cosmos ecosystem and the development of Calculated Finance, is the creative force behind CacaoSwap.

    The family is growing! Now, Cacaoswap joins as an intuitive frontend for decentralized cross-chain swaps powered by Maya Protocol. 

    CacaoSwap is dedicated to streamlining the process of native swaps, ensuring they are as straightforward and user-friendly as possible. It supports all assets compatible with Maya Protocol, and we will continue to add more. With this platform, your assets remain securely on-chain, enabling you to execute swaps in a permissionless and self-custodial manner, thereby eliminating the reliance on Centralized Exchanges (CEX). 

    Curious already? You can start exploring here:

    Why CacaoSwap?

    The creators of this initiative are deeply committed to decentralized exchanges and ecosystems that emphasize the importance of privacy and financial inclusiveness. Their admiration for Maya Protocol and THORChain reflects their dedication to these values. Understanding the importance of diversifying contributions to the Maya Protocol, they aim to reduce the risk of OFAC sanctions, thereby ensuring the ecosystem's resilience. 

    Their vision extends beyond mere transactional interactions; they advocate for a DeFi space where the community can thrive without the obligatory use of centralized exchanges (CEX). As members of the Kujira community, their engagement with CacaoSwap fulfills two significant objectives: it is a token of appreciation for Maya Protocol's trust in the Kujira ecosystem. It significantly contributes to spreading awareness about Maya Protocol within their broad network. This synergy is vital for fostering a unified and robust decentralized future.

    Get Started

    Simply visit CacaoSwap, connect your wallet, and swap your native assets across different chains. 

    You will also be able to track your entire history of CACAO swaps using the Custom portfolio page and spot ARB opportunities on the markets page.

    Supported wallets at launch: Keystore and XDEFI

    Supported native swaps at launch: $CACAO, $USK, $WSTETH, $BTC, $ETH, $RUNE, $USDC, $DASH, $KUJI $USDT (with more to come)!

    About the CacaoSwap team

    CacaoSwap is the brainchild of the Calculated team, a group renowned within the Cosmos ecosystem for developing Calculated Finance. This acclaimed dApp is celebrated for its innovative approach to managing crypto positions through Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) strategies, demonstrating the team's expertise and commitment to advancing the DeFi landscape.

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