AsgardEx: Combining the power THORChain and MayaChain

AsgardEx welcomes MayaChain expanding support for seamless operations

Key takeaways:

  • AsgardEx introduces MayaChain support, granting users interaction capabilities with the chain: managing $CACAO and $Maya, bonding operations, and memos.
  • AsgardEx offers key features such as open-source, multi-chain, and permisionless access.
  • AsgardEx is actively working on integrating Maya DEX in upcoming releases.

We are thrilled to announce that AsgardEx has broadened its support to include MayaChain. This expansion grants Maya users direct interaction capabilities with the chain, allowing for seamless operations such as deposits, bonding, unbonding, and memos, mirroring the functionalities available for RUNE.

Let's delve into what AsgardEx is, explore the implications of this integration, and learn more about this exciting partnership.

What is AsgardEx?

AsgardEx is a multi-chain wallet and interface for THORChain, offering comprehensive support for all its chains and products. As one of the pioneering interfaces for THORChain, AsgardEx upholds open-source principles, transparency, and community-driven development.

Key features

  • Open-source frontend 
  • Multi-chain
  • Permissionless
  • Feature-rich for any skill level
  • Available as a desktop app and browser extension

What Does the Integration Mean for the THORChain and Maya Ecosystem?

With the latest update, AsgardEx introduces MayaChain support, providing users of both THORChain and MayaChain with the convenience of managing their assets seamlessly within a single wallet. 

MayaChain users now have direct interaction capabilities with the chain, encompassing features like deposits, bonding, unbonding, and custom memos, mirroring the operations available for RUNE.

As a friendly fork, Maya embraces collaboration over competition, strengthening the decentralized infrastructure akin to a dual-engine aircraft.

How does it work?

Maya Protocol supports a variety of networks that THORChain doesn't, including Dash and Kuji, with upcoming integrations like Cardano, Arbitrum, and Kaspa. Additionally, Maya introduces cutting-edge features like Liquidity Nodes, $MAYA tokens, and Impermanent Loss Protection, elevating Maya to the forefront of innovation.

Looking Ahead:

AsgardEx is actively working on integrating Maya DEX in upcoming releases. This support and DEX aggregation will open up new frontiers for DeFi.

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