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Our Technology

Maya Protocol is a Cosmos SDK-based decentralized liquidity protocol that enables native swaps across blockchains.

Maya is a friendly fork of THORChain. We maintain backward compatibility and complement it with new unique features, innovation, and reliability.

New Features
$CACAO token

$CACAO is Maya Protocol’s native token, and it powers the ecosystem with three main functions:

$CACAO tokens are the incentive to secure the network.

All our liquidity pools consist of a native token paired against $CACAO.

$CACAO has a limited supply.

$MAYA token

$MAYA tokens capture 10% of all the fees generated by the users swapping inside our protocol. They are essentially a tokenization of our present and future cash flows, which means that the more active our exchange is, their price will appreciate.

Therefore, $MAYA holders are incentivized to see the protocol grow with time.